James K. Baxter and the Art of Anger

Ever since the Elizabethan Age, satiric poets have moved and profoundly transformed their readers with the intensity of their ideas and the techniques used to amplify them. People often report having their thinking altered by the likes of John Dryden, Jonathan Swift, and Alexander Pope. In New Zealand, these satirical poets have a more recent […]

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A Spyglass for Barry O

A Spyglass for Barry O Oh some have opened up the mails And some have tapped the phones, And cell-lines are no longer safe, But often guide the drones, Which fly above one’s head so high To drop their fiery taint. “Hey, don’t be such a dickhead now!” Says Barry O the Saint. Here some […]

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Social Violence in King Lear

From William Shakespeare’s day to the present, audiences have been spellbound by stories involving intrigue, political conspiracy, and violence. This is natural for aristocratic and commoner audiences alike. As long as unjust hierarchic society exists, the spectre of social instability and chaos will haunt its dreams. William Shakespeare, the great playwright of the English Renaissance, […]

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Kubrick the Lie-Killer

Mankind will destroy itself. Tomorrow, next year, or sometime in the decades to come, humanity will follow its leaders over a cliff and just plummet into oblivion. We all sense this, but its truth is constantly hidden by these self-same leaders. At times we become more aware of the peril, usually in periods of crisis […]

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The French Revolution and the Current Historical Moment

A century and a half before the French Revolution, Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army proved that nationalist citizen militaries were superior in every way to the elite-led, essentially mercenary, armed forces of the medieval aristocracy. Across the English Channel, the experience of the Thirty Years War resulted in the continent’s choosing of nationalism over Roman […]

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