Kubrick the Lie-Killer

Mankind will destroy itself. Tomorrow, next year, or sometime in the decades to come, humanity will follow its leaders over a cliff and just plummet into oblivion. We all sense this, but its truth is constantly hidden by these self-same leaders. At times we become more aware of the peril, usually in periods of crisis […]

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The French Revolution and the Current Historical Moment

A century and a half before the French Revolution, Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army proved that nationalist citizen militaries were superior in every way to the elite-led, essentially mercenary, armed forces of the medieval aristocracy. Across the English Channel, the experience of the Thirty Years War resulted in the continent’s choosing of nationalism over Roman […]

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The Sovereignty of Sidekicks

It should surprise no honest human being that New Zealand, along with Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, is a part of history’s first “global” empire. This “Atlanticist” English-speaking empire first partially established itself after the defeat of Napoleon, and then cemented itself more firmly after the First and Second World Wars. It is headed […]

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The Election that Wasn’t

The most important fact about the United States 2016 presidential election is that there was no election. There was theatre, certainly. Americans must believe that they live in a democracy, and thousands of individuals directed millions of dollars making sure that, in Edward S. Herman’s infamous term, the 2016 “demonstration election” fulfilled its mission. There […]

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