A Spyglass for Barry O

A Spyglass for Barry O

Oh some have opened up the mails
And some have tapped the phones,
And cell-lines are no longer safe,
But often guide the drones,
Which fly above one’s head so high
To drop their fiery taint.

“Hey, don’t be such a dickhead now!”
Says Barry O the Saint.

Here some have claimed democracy
Is always under threat,
And state that Arab terrorists
Know no guilt or regret,
But blow up bombs at every chance
To give a vent to hate.

“They, of course, dislike our freedoms,”
Says Barry O the Great.

But what real freedoms do we have
Under our current rule?
Look what was done to Oz Assange
By the man on the stool.
You cannot trust a government
To guard the peoples’ right!

“You watch your mouth, you commie pig!”
Says Barry O the Bright.

The President commenced a chase,
Which spread across the globe,
And he then ordered the NSA;
To start a massive probe.
But when the papers learned of this
They quickly spread the word.

“Easy to muzzle that whole bunch!”
Says Barry O the Turd.

The Congress did investigate
The spy agencies’ deeds;
And found much criminality
Buried within the weeds.
To prevent further breach of faith
It sought to pass a bill.

“I’ll make all spies do legal now,”
Says Barry O the Shill.

So John McCain and Graham too
Were brought in on the rug
And told to reach around themselves
To give each one a tug.
This they did with alacrity,
Their voices at high pitch.

“You’ll screw the people just like that!”
Says Barry O the Bitch.

Oh some have opened up the mails
And some have tapped the phones,
But that was all illegal then,
Which scared them to the bones.
The President has a spyglass now
To use on every runt.

“I’ll spy on anyone one I choose!”
Says Barry O the Cunt.

— David Adrien Lemire

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