The Conversation of Vice-President Joe Biden

The Conversation of Vice-President Joe Biden
(United States Vice-President Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and an underage Girl)

“I gave no sign,” said the young Girl,
“That you could pet my hair,
And since you’re the Vice-President
It wasn’t very fair –
You have two big goons by your side,
Instead of balls down there!”

“Speak up somewhat,” laughed Joe Biden,
“To give my wife a scare.”

“Another time,” said the young Girl,
“You pressed me from behind,
Though I’m only going on twelve,
I almost lost my mind!
It makes me want to scratch your eyes
Until you’re fully blind.”

“Please, more rough talk,” gushed Joe Biden,
“It’s cruel when you’re more kind.”

“And after that,” said the young Girl,
“I tried to avoid you.
But you kept on pestering me;
You stuck to me like glue.
And the more I make it very clear,
The less you have a clue!”

“You, using ‘balls’”, said Joe Biden,
“Now that is something blue.”

“He’s disgusting!” said the young Girl,
“He really is a Creep!
If he says one more word to me
I’ll gut him like a sheep!
I don’t care if he is the VP,
He’ll end up in a heap!”

“He can’t help himself,” offered Jill,
“It makes me want to weep.”

“To, to think that I,” continued Jill,
“Am married to this fool.
He only made any money
By being a complete tool,
Serving the Wall Street banking crowd
(And licking up their stool).”

“I feel for you,” said the young Girl,
“Sleeping with such a ghoul.”

“It’s far too late,” concluded Jill,
“For us to change our ways –
But you’ve your life ahead of you!
You’re not yet in that haze
Of privilege and pills and power
That darkens all our days.”

“I never will;” said the young Girl,
“Get caught up in that craze.”

David Adrien Lemire

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