The Great and Gory Freebooter USA

A few years ago, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin responded to journalist Oksana Boyko’s question about whether Americans and Russians could ever really “understand one-another”. President Putin answered by saying that “American civilisation is based upon the individual, whereas Russian civilisation is based upon the collective”. He also stated that Americans have had a democracy […]

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Of Men and Monsters

From mankind’s earliest beginnings he has told ‘gothic’ stories whose ideas are intriguing, whose images provoke powerful emotions, or whose monsters cause physical fright. This is natural and can even be seen as serving the interests of human survival in a dark and dangerous environment. However, as modern civilisation continued to develop, and its environment […]

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I’ve Seen the Enemy, and It is Us

Human beings like to believe they are in control of their destiny, but when the history of life on Earth is seen in perspective, the evolution of Homo sapiens is merely a transient episode that acts to redress the planet’s energy balance. — David Price, Energy and Human Evolution Observers and commentators heroically pursuing the truth of […]

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The Silent Scream of the Neocons

 Look where we are now. Look where we are now. – President Donald J. Trump What did President of the United States Donald J. Trump mean by this stark, repeated imperative during his February 16th press conference? The President cannot have meant that America finds itself in a disastrous social or economic situation. Neither can […]

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The Lies that Blind

American Civil Rights Movement films are a staple of Tinsel-Town. Dozens of these sparkly items have been released over the last fifty years, and almost all of them tell the same alluring story. Beleaguered African-Americans struggle under conditions of oppression and violence, to be saved – at last – by some non-racist white person who […]

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The Great Power that Isn’t

“Is America some kind of banana republic? America is a great power. If I’m wrong, correct me.” – Vladimir Putin Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin’s question dismissing allegations of election tampering strikes a lingering note of irony as the year 2017 begins. By the time the “honeymoon” first one-hundred days period of fevered activity – […]

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